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The Linux Operating System And The X10 Home Automation System

Home automation systems are becoming more popular every year. Even your own home computer can be installed with software and hardware devices to control your home efficiently. It's no longer the stuff of science fiction and many people are taking advantage being able to control their home through their PC. With a PC that has Linux installed and a home automation system you can hook up all of your Read More...

Smart Grid

A smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using two-way digital technology to control appliances at consumers' homes to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency. Such a modernized electricity network is being promoted by many governments as a way of addressing energy independence, global warming and emergency resilience issues. Smart meters may be part Read More...

Smart House. Convenience and effectiveness

At the moment it is difficult to try to imagine someone who would not have been aware of the meaning of "smart home". This structure, let would theoretically, to date known in principle, a large number of individuals. And this despite the fact that while a few are able to provide a range of smart home for living or working room. What of yourself is a smart home? First and foremost, a complex of Read More...

Smart Homes – The Future of Home Automation

When you hear the term “smart home” you may visualize a futuristic house or brand new mansion. However, with today's new technologies and innovations, any homeowner can take advantage of either a few or multiple home automation services. Whether you are building a new house or looking to simplify daily life in your current home, with smart home integration, your options are nearly limitless. On Read More...

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