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Unicom Unicom Audio/Video Adapter

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This clever little box allows you to send a baseband video signal and a pair of audio signals over a standard category 5 cable, without worrying about noise, hum, and other forms of interference. It takes two of these devices, one on each end, to send a signal. And it takes one pair in the Cat 5 cable for each of the video and audio signals. We don't really recommend creating a whole-house audio/video distribution system out of these devices...but when you get stuck, they can bail you out and get that signal from point A to point B. This item is sold in single and you will need two of them.


  • Built-in impedance matching device and filter for baseband video channel signal transmission over inexpensive Category 5 UTP cable.
  • Handles either NTSC or PAL video signal.
  • Two audio channels can be used for high-fidelity stereo audio signal.
  • Easy installation with existing wiring and wall jacks.


  • Video: One BNC female connector
  • Audio: Two phono jack connectors

RJ-45 Signal:

  • Video: Pair 4 - Pins 7 & 8
  • Audio/L: Pair 3 - Pins 3 & 6
  • Audio/R: Pair 2 - Pins 1 & 2


  • Video: 100 ohm Balanced
  • Audio: 600 ohm Balanced


  • Video: DC - 12 MHz
  • Audio: 50Hz - 15 KHz


  • Color Video: UTP Category 5 cable: Maximum length 1,000 ft.
  • B&W Video: UPT Category 5 cable: Maximum length 2,000 ft.
  • Enclosure: Black PVC
  • 2.2"W x 3.03"L x 0.98"H
  • No external power required!


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