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2 Cat6 + 2 RG6 Combination Cable

1.60 foot
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$323.55 spool/500ft
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2 x Cat 6 + 2 x RG6 Quad, Blue
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Our Best Selling Combination Cable!

This is what everybody is asking for; two RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial cables and two four-pair Category 6 rated Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) phone/data cables in a single jacket.

Having the cables bundled like this saves time during installation, makes for a cleaner install, makes things more organized at the central location where all the cables come together, and the cables are better protected during installation by the extra jacketing.

We have found the combination of two coaxial cables and two 4-pair UTP cables to be optimum for most wall plate locations. This will handle most Antenna/Cable/Satellite needs as well as multiple telephone and data lines. Plus IR control if needed. The exceptions are behind the home theater where we recommend two full combo cable drops, extra cat5 or cat6 cables to heavy computer use areas like home offices, and two combo cables runs from the head end to the service entrance (where the utilities come into the home).

Our rule of thumb for a typical installation is that each run uses an average of 50 feet of cable. So, for a home with a home theater (2 drops), 7 other drops in various rooms, and 2 shorter runs to the service entrance, uses, on average, one spool (500 feet) of combination cable. (9 x 50 = 450, plus 25 twice for the service entrance runs totals 500 feet.)

Additional drops or "zones" usually take up 8 to 10 zones per spool of 500 feet.

Your Mileage May Vary


  • Two Category 6 4-Pair cables
  • Two RG/6U Quad shield coaxial cables
  • PVC covering
  • CM Rated

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