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Category Icon Audio (7)
Audio and whole-house audio related.
Category Icon Customer Support (4)
TechCash questions, how to return items, etc.
Category Icon Drapery Control (0)
Category Icon Home Automation (5)
UPB, X-10, Z-Wave, Whole-House Controllers, Security Systems, Timers/Relays, & HVAC Control.
Category Icon Infrared Distribution (5)
IR repeaters, remote controls, etc.
Category Icon Miscellaneous (4)
Topics that don't fit any other category.
Category Icon Phone & Data (12)
Telephone and computer network wiring and distribution.
Category Icon Power (0)
Power supplies, surge suppression, batteries, etc.
Category Icon Racks (0)
19 Inch equipment racks and accessories
Category Icon Security (3)
Alarm systems, access control, etc.
Category Icon Tools & Test Equipment (0)
The stuff you *try* not to leave behind when the job is complete.
Category Icon Video (15)
Video and whole-house video distribution.
Category Icon Weather Stations (0)
Clocks and weather stations.
Category Icon Website (2)
Questions and Answers about the HomeTech Solutions Website
Category Icon Wiring (25)
Wiring systems and wire.
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